Featured Book: August 23, 2015

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"Come on Rain!" Book Cover
Author: Karen Hesse Illustrator: John J. Muth

Book Summary: “A young girl eagerly awaits a coming rainstorm to bring relief from the oppressive summer heat.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I admired how the author, Karen Hesse, explored drought through the well expressed senses of a young girl and her surrounding community. This book, which, by the way, is one of the few picture books with a female of color as the main character, does a tremendous job of highlighting a science-based topic, while highlighting and honoring the connecting people and relationships.

Note: As a great novel read, please check out “Out of the Dust” also by Karen Hesse

Science Topics

  • Drought (and the impacts to community and environment)
  • Weather
  • Observation
  • Clouds
  • Water Cycle
  • Rain

Literacy Connections

  • Description
  • Dialogue (and the connecting punctuation)
  • Story Sequence
  • Setting

Sociocultural Connections

As mentioned above, this book is one of the few fictional picture books, with a science theme, that has a female of color as the main character. The story not only portrays the main character as a keen observer and science knowledge producer, but also highlights her connection to her mother, to her friends and her role as leader and community connector.

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