Featured Book: “Who’s Who in My Family?”

Author & Illustrator: Loreen Leedy, 1995, Holiday House, NYC

The focus of this story is to learn the components of a family tree and who’s in your extended family. The setting is in a classroom, with various well-known animal characters creating and then sharing about their diverse families–incorporating families with stepparents, step-siblings, and adoptions in an inclusive way.

While the family tree is a component of science class discussions, this book stands out due to the attention the author gives to genetics. The phenotypic characteristics of the family tree pictures are evident and can lead to a classroom conversation that goes deeper than family labels and organizations–for even the youngest grades. It all depends on the facilitation. This story, written for the younger grades, could even be used in upper elementary grades, for this reason, as a picture walk. Good for one of those “What do you notice” prompts.

Science Topics

  • Family Tree
  • Genetics
  • Traits
  • Mapping

Literacy Connections

  • Visual to Support for a Presentation
  • Storytelling
  • Comma Use

Sociocultural Connections

That the family dynamic is diverse and conversations need to be inclusive their diversity.

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