Featured Book: “Rhoda’s Rock Hunt”

"Rhoda's Rock Hunt" Book Cover Picture
Author: Molly Beth Griffin, Illustrator: Jennifer A. Bell
Rhoda’s love for rocks tapped into my own childhood memories of searching for rocks around my yard, within “the dirts”–our neighborhood bike escape, along the adventures I would take with my dad, and the special bag of polish rocks that my mom would delight me with every time she had the opportunity. The look on Rhoda’s face as she gazed widely and specifically at the rocks along her hike with her aunt and uncle to their cabin, was like she was looking upon the most majestic riches, and in many ways, she was! And like many children (and adults) that come across a beautiful rock…in our pack it goes….to a point. Rhoda soon learned what we all come to know: Rocks are Heavy! 🙂
Students, rock-fans and soon-to-be rock-fans, will connect to this journey Rhoda is on, because there are layers of opportunities for personalized connections, even beyond rocks: collections, what to do when you get stuck or have too many, the great and beautiful outdoors, time with your aunt and uncle, etc. Those personalized stories will be a great connection to a deeper unit on rocks and minerals, or classification. Not to mention some backyard science!
Science Topics
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Classification
  • Collections
  • Backyard Science
  • Observation
Literacy Connections
  • Family Stories
  • Summer/Vacation Days
  • Collections
  • Cause and Effect
  • Descriptive Adjectives
  • Picture Walk (great illustrations taken from multiple perspectives)
  • Point of View
Sociocultural Connections
  • Budding Female Geologist
  • Facilitated Independence
  • Determination
  • Facing a Problem

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