Love Cinderella Stories? I do!

"Interstellar Cinderella" Book Cover

I should first say that I love the variations of the Cinderella tale. Each time I see a new one my smile widens! 🙂 This story got a smile and a mouth-open look of happy shock, since it featured a science story. The main character of this story, a red-haired young engineer, uses her tools, to make it to The Prince’s Royal Space Parade, and when it is time to go leaves…well, I don’t want to give it away. 🙂

With lots of different twists and turns from the classic tale, you will have a great literacy based discussion with your students, and many scientific ones, as she problem-solves, supports others, and stays true to herself. After a story like this one, your students will be ready for their own science challenge, and also a great story-telling opportunity to accompany it.

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