Fiction and Non-fiction?

"Who Likes the Rain?" Book Cover
Ok, this one leans more towards non-fiction, but it has a fictional flow.

With its predicted text of “I like the rain because…” the story part takes you through a community to learn why they all like the rain, each, of course, with their own unique reason.

The non-fiction part, is both hidden and interactive. The right side of the two-page spread has a flap that asks an open-ended statement, for example: I wonder why it rains. Open the flap and the non-fiction is right there for you, in words and visuals. Pretty clever!

You could keep it all fiction, and interactive…asking the students the question (and lead to so many inquiry projects!…and/or gain knowledge of their understanding and misconceptions), or go ahead and open that flap and learn more right there and then.

I like it!

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