"Tap Tap Boom Boom" Book Cover

This story really heightens the awareness of the music of rain.





Using various font, the rain comes down on a city as individuals, kids, and families move from place to place…picking up their pace. Some are prepared, some aren’t. Many escape to the subway and create their own community connections with others awaiting a break in the storm.

With its great word choice, I couldn’t help but think back to those times when I was caught in a sudden downpour. Most of which when I was new to an area, like the time I lived in Mexico or when I lived in Massachusetts. I am actually laughing as I type this, as the visuals come flooding back to my mind. Downpour for sure. It is interesting when you meet people from various parts of the world talk about rain. My friend from Seattle has such a description about the rain that is so different than my experience growing up in Idaho. He has far more words for “drizzle” than I ever did. 🙂

See what a great book this is! The experience based stories are not only great for science, but for writing as well (not to mention reading…learning more…digging deeper).

The subway scene toward the middle of the book reminded me of the spirit of community that is often instant given strong weather. I love that!

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