Feature Book: “Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly”

Book Cover Picture

I absolutely loved this book! I loved the cover, the illustrations, the story line, and the main character, Velma Gratch. It, too, was among the pile of books that I checked out for our first grade PBL project (see “Gotta Go! Gotta Go!”) and to me, it was the star. The fan that I am of fictional science stories, loved how much information, vocabulary, and fascination was provided about the monarch butterfly. The fan that I am of stories about finding place and self/identity, loved how Velma was a relatable character for readers of all ages and for various hurdles. The hurdle most confronted is being the youngest and entering school where teachers already feel like they know you, or already have expectations, based on your siblings…however you are not them. But, forget how much I loved it, the really star story is how much the first graders loved this book. The first day I read it aloud…literacy love!

This is the type of picture book author I hope…and plan on being someday. 🙂

Broad Science Connections

  • Butterflies
  • Life Cycle
  • Science Literacy
  • Expertise
  • Science Practices

Broad Literacy Connections

  • Dialogue
  • Visual Storyline…in many ways it could be a wordless book
  • Heroine
  • Main Character Development

Broad Sociocultural Connections

  • Science is more than knowledge…it is passion.

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