How to…

As I was looking through the latest Scholastic book order, with my first graders, I noticed a book called, “How to Catch an Elf”, which was high on their list of wanted books. Later, at Costco, I saw “How to Catch Santa” out on display. It got me thinking about other “how to” picture books that might be out there, and whether or not they lead to any great STEM experiments or serve as writing examples. I was unable to checkout “How to Catch an Elf” from the library, but I was able to checkout and review the books below. I like them each for their own story, but perhaps not as a whole, since the writing style doesn’t overlap, or provide that how-to example. As for leading to any great STEM experiments…I am still thinking. Perhaps this post alone will spark some ideas of your own.

How to Catch Santa, by Jean Reagan. Illustrated by Lee Wildish: Have you ever tried to catch Santa? What have you tried? Have you come close? How do you know? What is the evidence? These, among so many other questions, and efforts, are delivered in a fun and colorful story as two siblings prepare for the big day.

How to Catch a Fish, by John Frank. Illustrated by Peter Sylvada: Rather than just a straight forward approach to a how-to, this story, starts and ends with the personal, a young girl and her dad out in the water, and in-between tells cultural approaches to catching fish from around the world.

How to Catch a Star, by Oliver Jeffers: Follow the journey of a young boy trying to catch his friend, the star, and how those efforts come with hurdles. In the end he gets his star…or does he?

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