Wow! Over 225 Books!

I remember when I first started this website (shout-out to Professor Trust!) and the handful of books that I had classified as fictional stories with a science theme. Stories like these are difficult to find, because unlike non-fiction books, you can’t always search for them using the typical library search categories. Many of these stories are often classified by their parallel stories, such as friendship, family, etc. To find these books it meant physically going to the library and looking title by title, pulling out all the possibilities, and reading them to see if they met the criteria. (If you want to learn a bit more about my process, click HERE.) This, I am sure you can imagine, takes a great deal of time, attention, and passion for the work.

Well, I just updated my “Science Topic Book List” and I am excited to share that I have over 225 titles on the list! 🙂 Please check it out, by clicking HERE. You will also find that I added connections to a few past blog posts, including my two school displays, the handouts, and my first interactive bulletin board.


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