Interactive Bulletin Board: Favorite Reads of 2017

To welcome the students back from break and to the new year, I created a new interactive bulletin board.

Favorite Book Interactive Bulletin Board

I used a sentence starter, and my example of “A Beautiful Oops”, as my guide for the interaction. If you haven’t used sentence starters or sentence frames with your students, I would encourage you to look into incorporating them into your teaching tools. Often used for writing or speaking, they provide students with a response frame, while providing support and modeling. Typically they are found within ELL (English Language Learner) strategies, but trust me, they are great for all learners. 🙂

Yesterday was our first day back from break, so I was delighted by the activity the board already received. I can’t wait until it is filled up…that would provide some good data and some good trends, for teachers, the librarian, and also provide some curiosity into future reads. I know I have already noted some titles. 🙂

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