Featured Book: “Water Can Be…”

"Water Can Be..." Book Cover

I was ecstatic to see this book! I love “A Leaf Can be…”, and recently I used it as my focus book for an NSTA presentation that I did with my 2nd grade co-teacher. So, when I saw this, I was quick to purchase! 🙂 It didn’t disappoint. So clever and so wonderful. It really expands our view and understanding of water, including its states, and does so in such an elementary approachable way. LOVE IT!

Broad Science Connections

  • States of matter
  • Water use and functions
  • Environmental interaction

Broad Literacy Connections

  • Rhyme
  • Great illustrations: picture to text connections
  • Setting
  • The pages remind me of a story my mom used to do with her 3rd graders, using a red circle: I once was…, now I am…

Broad Sociocultural Connections

  • Changing states and functions–perhaps a stretch, but I am thinking the lesson of understanding audience.
  • While I read this book, I am also thinking of how our state doesn’t have to be permanent or viewed that way.

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