Novels and Engineering? YES, PLEASE!

I came across this amazing e-article by Katrina Schwartz, who writes for “Mind/Shift: How We Learn” (do you follow them on Twitter or get their newsletter? You should consider it. I love their posts!).

Mind/Shift Article Picture: "A Literacy-Based Strategy to Help Teachers Integrate Science Skills"

Click HERE for the link to read the full-article…and set aside some time, because it is a longer e-article, but it is worth the read and the extra thinking and planning time that it inspires! Oh, it is just so exciting to see research and implementation that aligns to my own–both my research in process and my daily actions and implementation efforts in the K-5 classroom.

I have so many new ideas and connections and I can’t wait to engage in collaborative conversations about them with my co-teaching partners. If you follow my posts and research, I believe that not only does using literacy as a launchpad for science support the elementary classroom, but it provides students an opportunity to connect with science in way that relates to them. Not only through the design process, but by seeing characters that look like them, have families like they have families, have friends, and may have problems like they have problems. It really opens the perspective early about who is a scientist and how that person can be them.

Excited! 🙂

Schwartz, K. (2017, August 22). A Literacy-Based Strategy to Help Teachers Integrate Science Skills. Retrieved January 18, 2018, from 

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