Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone

Last week I shared a post titled How About a KLW instead of a KWL?

KLW Student Chart on Bears

There I shared how I used the Book Creator platform to create my own resource for the questions our kindergarteners still had about bears.

Well, I loved that experience so much, that I created a new resource to go along with our communication unit in 2nd grade! 🙂 Following up our Communication Stations,

we took our learning to languages. Using the Book Creator platform, I created a language book for our students. I featured four languages: Spanish, Russian, French, and Chinese (two of which were languages represented in the classroom). I included information about each language and 1-2 video links that provided the students an opportunity to practice basic phrases. Book Creator allows you to add video, recordings, text, pictures, and links. Once completed you can airdrop it to student devices as an iBook, which allows them to easily access the information and links.


While students were learning about languages, my co-teacher and I were able to call them over in partner teams to explore the string phone.

They had a blast learning about languages and learning how to use the string phone! 🙂 One hint, if you decide to do this…just hand the students the “phone” and ask them to use it communicate. Nothing more. It is great to watch them collaborate and problem solve to get it to work.

I also made a pretend rotary phone for the students, as a demonstration and for them to practice with, if they were interested. The looks on their faces about this older phone was priceless!

paper rotary phone

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