Sphero Devices Have Arrived!

Thanks to a school district grant, I was able to purchase 10 Sphero devices for our elementary school…

…and I thought, what better way to debut them than with our 2nd grade communications unit! (See previous lesson posts: How About a KLW instead of a KWL? and Creating Resources, String Phones, & a Model Rotary Phone.)

You should have seen the looks on the students’ faces and heard their excited sounds when I brought out the devices. (I am sure you can imagine.) 🙂 To my surprise, the devices were easily paired to the student iPads (there is a Sphero platform that can be downloaded), and…here is the best part…the students did an excellent job communicating, collaborating, sharing, and problem solving as they explored using the device. 🙂 My 2nd grade co-teacher and I were delighted by the results.

We wrapped up our lesson with a simple obstacle course, and this book 🙂

"And the Robot Went..." Book Cover

Today, we have more of challenging obstacle course in store for them. 🙂 And hopefully, later, a look “behind the scenes” at the coding involved…but I am still learning that part.

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