Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board

A few weeks ago, I found this site on Pinterest: “Winter STEM Challenges-Snowflake STEM”. While I didn’t look into the full details of the concept (meaning, I didn’t buy it on Teachers Pay Teachers), the idea did get me thinking and wondering. 🙂 I asked my 3rd and 4th graders to help me dive into the wondering, and together we made one round of snowflakes. We tested them by having two teachers of similar height stand on a chair to drop them while students timed the snowflake’s time in the air. After taking the data from round one, we had a “what do you notice” discussion about the snowflakes that lasted the longest in the air. From there we made a 2nd round of snowflakes, based on what we noticed (the feedback). Some of the 2nd round of snowflakes are what are featured on my latest interactive bulletin board: Snowflake Design Challenge.

Snowflake Design Challenge Bulletin Board

In two weeks, I will take another picture of the voting results and turn the snowflakes over to reveal their time in air. 🙂 Which one do you think lasted 3.12 seconds in the air, based on the design?

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