Winter Olympics Kick Off!

In my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom we kicked-off the 2018 Winter Olympics with a Kahoot, to gauge background knowledge, and used maps and sites to show our students where the games are being played, how many athletes are from our state, and how many countries are represented. We then had our students select a country to follow. They are going to track how many medals their selected country wins (gold, silver, and bronze) by creating their own graph using circle stickers (the garage sale or tag sale type) that will be displayed as a class on the hallway bulletin board.


This is part of our “Is there Science in Sports?” unit, which will be followed up through research, hands-on labs, and some cheering. 🙂 If you aren’t already following my Facebook Page: Science Sites for Education, click on the link and see my past posts on some of the ideas we are planning on using. There are some amazing science-based resources out there!

Sometime next week we will discuss what is means to be an Olympic athlete, the dedication, the discipline, and the growth mindset. To support our efforts, I found a great science-themed fictional story 🙂

Cover for "Sophie Skates"

This story helps to demonstrate the science of figure skating and the discipline. I really loved how the author, Rachel Isadora, combined story elements with nonfiction pieces, focusing on the equipment and learning needed to train for a sport.

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