1st Grade Researchers!

In first grade we have been learning about astronauts and transportation. Witnessing the student excitement about these topics, my co-teacher and I decided to extend the unit with some choice to learn more about either transportation or space. Using a KWL chart, we gathered their questions, and we gathered some books, from the public library and by creating two collections on EPIC!.

Stack of Space Stories

We then had them discuss what they thought a researcher was…here is what they said:

first grade thoughts on a researcher

Pretty accurate…right? πŸ™‚

Next we put our researchers to work, by letting them explore the books and recording their notes on a research recording page (a blank paper folded into 8 sections).

We were also able to bring in two guest speakers. One was our principal who shared his expertise with transportation, in particular bikes. One was a middle school science teacher who had been to space camp! The students loved it!

Mr. LaBau presenting about bikes

My co-teacher and I have been so impressed by our researchers! They are not only inquisitive, but so diligent about recording and sharing their learning! πŸ™‚

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