An Indoor Hike?

This week in kindergarten our theme is hiking and the things you would see on a hike. 🙂 To set the mood, our principal donated this amazing tent:

Tent in the Classroom

My co-teaching partner gathered up a bunch of camping, hiking, and nature books and put them inside the tent for a reading space. We had thought about taking the students on a nature walk, but it has been too cold…inside recess cold. Instead I came up with the idea of having them go on a hiking scavenger hunt. Using the nature pictures found on “Take A Hike” Nature Hunt by The Chirping Moms, I cut out the squares and put them up around the school. Then the students, using their focus tubes, went on a hike in search for items.

Kinder with focus tubes

My co-teaching partner is so great–she even had them do high knees when they were “climbing a hill”. While they were off on their hike, I used the same pictures, taped them on Easter Eggs and hid them throughout the classroom for a scavenger hunt.

The students were instructed to find four different items on their hike. When they had four, they returned to the carpet. Once everyone had finished, we shared using this sentence starter: On my hike I saw_____________________________. As they did this, I would hold up their egg/picture and repeat the word, which was great for my ELL students.

On my hike I saw...writing page

As a follow-up, today we are going to use the eggs as a word box, and place them on the four student tables as they complete this writing activity: 

Inside the binoculars they are going to draw what they saw. If you would like to have a copy of this, click HERE.

Happy Hiking! 🙂

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