An Indoor Hike? Part 2

Last week I shared about the efforts my co-teaching partner and I took to create an indoor hike experience for our kindergarten students, with my post, An Indoor Hike? 

The goal for the following day was to use the eggs as a word box for the tables to support their writing. Using a matching poster of their writing page, I modeled the activity and then the students were asked to write about what they saw on their hike. The eggs as word box worked perfectly! 🙂 The hands-on word box increased confidence and oral language use…something I didn’t anticipate. It also provided a great opportunity for the student to use their latest sight word “and” in an authentic way. Yay! 🙂

…and do you know a great fictional story in science to read to expand this lesson? I do!

"Rhoda's Rock Hunt" Book Cover Picture
Author: Molly Beth Griffin Illustrator: Jennifer A. Bell

To learn more about this book, check out my Featured Book Archive! 🙂

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