Tuesday Morning Reads for March 6, 2018

  • Fort Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd. Illustrations by Abigail Halpin: Granted I was the type that was an indoor fort builder, with couch cushions, pillows, blankets, etc. but I could still relate to this great fort building book…a fort for every season! I love how the different raw materials that the seasons and seasonal locations provide, created different forts, each constructed out of what was available. We need to explore of those, what’s available, creative opportunities. (As a bonus, the descriptive language, layout like poetry was fantastic!).
  • Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers: I just love how this book is written and illustrated! Love it! It has such a kid perspective while sending a deep awe-inspiring and caring message…not to mention all the great non-fiction takeaways! If you are a classroom teacher, you could read this whole book to your class, or highlight the 1-2 pages that really fit your lesson. This definitely makes my “must buy” list.
  • The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds: As a fan of words, this story had me smiling from beginning to end, and all the minutes after that. Words are beautiful. The bold words, the fun to say words, and especially the powerful words, like “I understand”. Beautiful book! What’s the science connection…ok, this may be a stretch, but the connection I find is on collections, systems, organization.
  • (For Fun) Over-Scheduled Andrew by Ashley Spires: This could have easily been titled “Over-Scheduled Kalynda”, because I could SO relate. I am Andrew! Spinning Plates, Spinning Plates, and Spinning Plates. I think books like this are so important, especially picture books, as our society seems to run a bit toward more and busy is better…no, not really. There is so much research out there now that disagrees with that, not to mention how multitasking isn’t a wonderful thing all the time. I also think this book is a great company for any growth mindset book or collection, because in our “not yet” efforts, we all also need to learn that we can’t make progress on everything today. The “not yet” is long-term. Side Note: I just thought about how this story reminds me so much of education…all systems go.

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