New Interactive Bulletin Board: March Gladness

To go along with basketball fans, I have created my own take on March Madness…March Gladness: Students vs. Teachers on Gladness Acts

March Gladness Bulletin Board

If you can’t read the white papers, their titles say “Stickers Go Here”, so that the students and the teachers have somewhere to track their progress. There are no spaces for names. I thought about trying to add a space for namest, but I thought this personal knowledge way, rather than a “look at me” way, was more aligned to what I was after.

Next week my principal said I can put out donation jars for organizations, to help the students, and the teachers, that want to donate. As an FYI, if you plan on doing something similar in your school, I actually planned on having an additional step. My original first step said: “Compliment someone new or write a kind note for someone”. I decided to not include it, because 1-I had less room on the board than I predicted, and 2-our school already focuses and re-emphasizes those efforts, so I wanted the start to be a good challenge.

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