More Wordless Books!

A few days ago I shared a possible wordless book strategy, Say Something, along with a link to other wordless book ideas, in my Build, Assess, Build Vocabulary with a Wordless Book post. I am going to be trying the Say Something strategy with my 2nd graders today with the following book:

"Time Flies" Book Cover

I am excited to see how it turns out and to hear all the language being used to describe both the pictures and the story! 🙂

In honor of today’s strategy, I also wanted to share some other great wordless book titles. The first set comes from Aaron Becker’s trilogy of adventure, teamwork, creativity, and problem solving:

The next is a fun polar bear and penguin book from Karl Beckstrand and Ashley Sanborn, that will have preK-K students using key words over and over:

Book Cover of "Polar Bear Bowler"

Love all the language that a wordless book provides!

Happy Storytelling! 🙂

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