A Different Type of Science Story…

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Currently I am engaging in an Educurious STEM and PBL workshop, which has deepened my knowledge based and my resource based. (Yay! I love learning!) 🙂 

One of the resources they have shared with us is a site called Next Generation Science Storylines. To link to the site, click HERE.

Next Generation Science Storylines Logo

The title, of course intrigued me. I love a good science story. 🙂 While it isn’t the fictional storylines with an embedded science theme that I am typically after, it is a way to think about and approach K-12 science.

“A storyline provides a coherent path toward building disciplinary core idea and crosscutting concepts, piece by piece, anchored in students’ own questions.”

In a storyline, rather than a series of science lessons, the students are involved in the construction, the questioning, and the unfolding of a particular science problem, engaging them in a way that creates an impacting knowledge experience.

When you explore their storylines for elementary, middle, and high school, you will see the full scope of the story, including resources and lesson plans (with visuals!). 🙂 It is such a fascinating way to think about and approach the science lesson.

I like it! 🙂

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