Tuesday Morning Reads for May 1, 2018

  • Idea Jar by Adam Lehrhaupt. Illustrations by Deb Pilutti: Ok, so this book isn’t a science story. Nope, not at all…at first glance. It is a story about ideas for a story, a narrative, however, it reminded me of the time I taught 5th grade and how I had an idea jar for science experiments. The students were able to drop-in any idea they thought of, that they wanted us to try in class–with some parameters. 🙂 I told them that every Friday I would try to have a on-topic lab, but if I couldn’t find one, then that Friday would be Scientific Method Day and I would use one of their ideas. It was fabulous! Give it a try.
  • The Shape of the World by K.L. Going. Illustrations by Lauren Stringer: Shapes. They are all around us, in so many fantastic ways…overlapping, layering, curing, in both man-made structures and in nature. This is the story of Frank Lloyd Wright and his shape perspective of the world that went into his creative architecture that mirrored nature, blended with nature, rather than conflicted with it. This story is a great add to any biography collection, math/geometry unit, and really any design unit. I had never thought so much about shapes until I started 3D printing design. Now I see shapes everywhere!  🙂
  • Hooked by Tommy Greenwald. Illustrations by David McPhail: To my surprise I really loved this story! I loved the relationships base that this story had–the young boy and his dad, that didn’t understand his love for fishing. In many ways, this was my own story, just not about fishing, and, to me, that is the sign of a great story–the ability to connect to it personally, even beyond the main topic. For the science side of it, it really highlights the story of a science experience, in particular, being out in nature…being part of nature. There could have been more science in it, for example, more process descriptions, but I know that wasn’t the author’s goal–but it could spark a science writing time in your classroom, where you ask them to highlight those aspects.

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