New Featured Book: “The Fourteenth Goldfish”

Book Cover for "The Fourteenth Goldfish"

To my happy surprise, this book was filled with science concepts, scientists, and believing in the possible. 🙂 Gosh, I needed some of that right now. Listening to the audiobook made me smile even more, because the reader captured the different characters so well–their worries, frustrations, and excitement. Many references to science and scientists were embedded in the story in a way that both provided background knowledge and hooked interest to wanting to learn more. I felt a little like Ellie, and I hope students will too, as they discover their own passion for science.

In addition to the science, this is also a story of growing older, of family relationships, of new and old friendships, and especially about life transitions.

Broad Science Connections

  • Scientists
  • Scientific Method
  • Growth Mindset–Science Practices
  • Seeing and Building a Passion for Science
  • Cause and Effect
  • Human Body and Cells

Broad Literacy Connections

  • Character Development
  • Components of a Fictional Narrative–Story Elements
  • Expressing Feelings (good to compare text with audio version…how did the reader know how to read the passage…what were the written clues?)

Broad Sociocultural Connections

  • Believing in a Possible or The Possible
  • Questioning Science and Scientific Acts
  • Females as Scientists
  • Students as Scientists

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