Full Moon Adventures

Book Cover for "Snowball Moon"
Author: Fran Cannon Slayton; Illustrator: Tracy Bishop

With rhyming text follow a family of four (plus their little dog) on a family night indoors…well, until the lights go out and they head outside under the natural light of a full moon. Under this bright night sky, and with the bright layers of snow beneath them, they embrace the fun…”Down the hill, winter thrill”.

Book Cover for "When the Moon Comes"
Author: Paul Harbridge; Illustrator: Matt James

The season starts to change, and you can see the signs…the sudden cold, the ducks in the sky, the “leaves shattering under your feet like glass”, and the pond icing over. Winter is here and for this community that means ice hockey, they just need to wait for the moon. Tracking the phases of the moon they wait until the moon is full and ready for the game. With moonlit, cold, and images full of action, they play.

These two stories would be a great company to “Owl Moon” and other stories to support a phases of the moon unit, because we all have moonlit stories. Seeking out those narratives within your students, and combining them with a scientific investigation connects their memories, their heart and mind, to the science.

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