“Baby Loves” SCIENCE! Board Books by Ruth Spiro

“Baby Loves” SCIENCE! Board Books by Ruth Spiro (Illustrator Irene Chan)


I came across this “Baby Loves” series from a Pinterest feed one day and was eager to check them out. I love seeing science concepts in board books, because it is never too early (or late) to build a healthy science identity—an identity already in each of us, but sometimes circumstances hinder us from seeing it.

Due to the high demand (a good problem), I was only able to check out the titles seen above, but there are many more in the series. I am including a link to Ruth Spiro’s page for you to learn more: https://ruthspiro.com/ 

  •  Baby Loves Quantum Physics!: I loved this approach to quantum physics for both the child and the parent. It leads to questions and application to other examples all around us. This was evident even within myself, since the simple text and illustrations got me asking questions, since my knowledge of quantum physics isn’t too strong. So I went searching…and found sites that made me want to return to the cat example. 🙂 I did find Forbes’ Six Things Everyone Should Know About Quantum Physics by Chad Orzel helpful in the way that it provides detail to go deeper, question more, and yet organized in a way that I was able to get an overview, but it did make me wonder about this cat example. Perhaps there are those reading this that think that I should already know about Schrodinger’s famous feline…but I don’t, or rather didn’t. If you were like me and want to know a bit more about this famous feline, here are two sites I looked into: National Geographics’ The Physics Behind Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox by Melody Kramer and Chad Orzel’s TED-Ed video on YouTube, Schrodinger’s Cat: A Thought Experiment in Quantum Mechanics.
  • Baby Loves Thermodynamics!: Ok, so probably my favorite page is the spread that shows how the sun gives the apple tree energy to grow, and the visuals demonstrate the change over time in both the tree and the baby…followed by the energy given when the baby eats the apple. 🙂 Thermodynamics is a branch of physical science that focuses on these energy relationships, where the sun is just one form of heat and energy. Like the note on the back of the book says, “Baby loves thermodynamics because baby loves energy!” As a side note, I love how this simple book brought me back to a whiteboard conversation with my fellow science teachers as we, together, tried to diagram and explain “heat rises” when given a real-world house prompt.
  • Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!: As do I! 🙂 I feel like this book could also be called Baby Loves Observation or Baby Loves Questions, or something similar…like curiosity or learning how things work (I could go on). This simple text does a great job of connecting all of those science processes as it relates to engineering, and has the potential to take both child and parent on an observation and engineering journey at home.

Great job Ruth Spiro and Irene Chan! I am going to be adding these to my list of great gifts for new parents!

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