Learning About Shapes? Then you will want to read this (K-3+) book…


So clever!

I loved all the shape based mathematical language being use to tell this tale of friendship drama and reunion! For example: “Circle admired Square for all his good points”. Ha! Ha! Love it! 🙂

Originally I bought this book for my kindergarten and first grade teachers, but no, the benefits and delights are not for those grades alone. There are clever math connections for K-5, really. It all depends on how you see the story. Also, the classroom lesson connections don’t even have to be math or, specifically, shape based. It can be used as a mentor text for another mathematical story or a pun-based story with a real-world problem-solution plot.

It is definitely one of those stories you could read and then re-read for different purposes…including reading and re-reading it yourself for a good laugh.

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