“What do they do with all that poo?”

Book Cover of "What do they do with all that poo?"

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This book was an instant grab off of the library shelves for me. I mean, just look at it! The illustrations are fun and inviting and that title! 🙂 I knew this was a must-read for my kindergarten students, really, for any time of year (same goes for all of preK-2), and especially since they will soon go visit a local farm with exotic animals. They are also in the middle of their animal PBL, and are overflowing with questions! Love their excitement and energy.

This story, written by Jane Kurtz and illustrated by Allison Black, as two parallel stories on the pages. They have the top portion that provides information about how different animals poo, why, and a quick additional fact (like how often). Then they have the bottom portion that provides more information about the animal’s poo-story, often further explaining their why (great connection to adaptations!).

"Giraffe poop looks like marbles as it drops a long, long way."

What I love about both sets of stories, is how they are written–student friendly. While I love more information, some books that have this dual story, have a very wordy informative portion, that often isn’t supportive of a read aloud on the carpet. This one is! 🙂 You can easily read the full page to students without losing their attention. In fact, you might have an attention increase!

So…what do they do with all that poo? Yes, the author does tell you, after the animal exploration portion. And, I would tell you, but…the book is just too good to give away that information. Please check it out (or buy it) and read it to a class near you! 

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