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Written by Shauna LaVoy Reynolds

Illustrated by Shahrzad Maydani

This is a popular book, at least locally. I had wanted to share this post back in April, during National Poetry Month, but it just became available at the library. I think poets have a lot in common with scientists. They each observe the world around them in unique ways and have ways to capture those observations. They also both wonder, and they both employ their creativity as they interact with the world around them.

So, when I saw this book, while on my library site’s homepage. I just had to reserve it. It is about a young girl who writes a poem about spring and shares it with her community birch tree.

"Spring is here at last. I hope it doesn't end too fast. Like a bee I'll sniff each flower, And I'll enjoy each springy hour (so much)."

And the tree writes back…or does it?

A book about poetry, friendship, spring, observation, and interaction with nature, this book is a great collection to your classroom library.

Consider poetry as a pathway into science or through science or as a way to communicate what observed and learned. The two, poets and scientists, have a lot in common, and this pathway may just be the one that helps a student see the scientist in themselves (or the poet).

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