“Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover” by Markus Motum

Did you know that the latest Mars rover, Curiosity, was named by a sixth-grader from Kansas? I didn’t, nor did I know so many of the intricate details that went into preparing the Mars rover.

A fascinating read, told by the fictional perspective of Curiosity, this story provides readers with the why and how of this landmark event. I loved the play between non-fiction and the fictional point of view. It reminds me of a RAFT prompt (will share that at the end).

The illustrations, also by author Markus Motum, are packed full of detail, but are not overwhelming. They could stand alone as a wordless book, but I, not knowing too much about Curiosity, am grateful for all the informational words, and I think you would be, too!

The personification of the robot, brings more readers/minds to this subject, and therefore more “curiosity”. I love that! 😀

Here is a link to add this book to your classroom, home, or library: https://www.amazon.com/Curiosity-Story-Rover-Markus-Motum/dp/0763695041/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=curiosity+the+story+of+a+mars+rover&qid=1561673157&s=books&sprefix=curiosity&sr=1-1

It is great for all curious minds.

Now for more about RAFT. RAFT is a writing strategy that explores genre, purpose, and the writing techniques that makes them successful. The “format” could be something word heavy, like an letter to an editor, or an op-ed, or it could be a text or a haiku. 😀

I recently completely a RAFT as an end-of-the-day assignment from a summer class I was taking. I choose to write a text to a friend about what the purpose of a claim is in argument writing. (Do you see the formative assessment in this? 😁). Notice I said I choose this. Another great aspect of a RAFT is all the choice for students.

To learn even more, please see the information provided about this strategy from Read. Write. Think. A wonderful teaching resource: http://www.readwritethink.org/professional-development/strategy-guides/using-raft-writing-strategy-30625.html

Happy Reading and Writing! ❤️

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