“The Curious Garden”

I must be on a curiosity kick, because among my rainy afternoon reads is: The Curious Gardenwritten and illustrated by Peter Brown.

Liam lived in a dreary plant-less city. 😕 While others took cover from the rain, his outdoor heart took him outside and to the forgotten train tracks, that pulled on his curiosity. There he discovered “a lonely patch of color”, which he nourished (and was thereby nourished himself).

Discover Liam’s passion-filled journey that transformed a city, through this part word, part word-less book.

My favorite part of the story was the line:

“Liam may not have been a gardener, but he knew that he could help.”

YES! ❤️

Let us not let labels or perceived not knowing hold us back from helping and coming to know.

This story is a wonderful addition to any library, and plant unit, but that line makes it an impactful addition to one’s library!

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