Birthday Happiness

Today is my birthday 🎂, and I am starting the day posting about one of my favorite things: picture books! 😀❤️

As you get ready to start another year, I highly recommend you purchase this set of Kobi Yamada books! They are at the top of my favorite books of all time!

Another birthday happiness share: The book that was foundational to my research and continued efforts: “Come On, Rain!” by Karen Hesse

One of the first, and few, science stories that I came across, years ago, that featured a person of color as the main character. I am delighted that more are available, but even more are needed. Among those, your student’s story!

Create time, this year, in your lesson plans for some science writing: where they are the scientist. Dive deep into their past, have them think about their future, and create the space for the right now science happenings in your classroom. Then write, write, write. 😀

Happy Reading! Happy Lesson Planning! 😊

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