She Series Posters, Other Resources, and an Idea

If you haven’t checked out the “A Mighty Girl” Facebook page ( or their website ( then please add it to your check-them-out list. 🙂

Recently I saw a Facebook post from them about the “She Series” posters and other resources. Here is a picture of the post I am referring to:

As you can imagine, I love this! Especially since they included the fictional characters that are near and dear to our heart!

Since the picture above is just a picture, below I will include all their links for you to check out the opportunities for yourself.

She Series Poster 1:

(Scroll down on the link to see the related posters, that included the whole series and the collage print)

Additional posters

“A Mighty Girl” Character Collection List:

Posters outside your price limit? What about prompting your students to make up their own posters? Featuring both genders or not…your choice. Collaboratively, they could create a list of positive character traits or values, and brainstorm historical figures, fictional characters, and commonly known people (like school personnel) that are an example of that trait. Then together they could design their own classroom poster, with their list of life guides on it.

They could also each take it further, and create a personal poster to include people in their lives.

Thank You, “A Mighty Girl”, what a great idea!

I now want to make one for my own reflection and journaling as I start this upcoming school year.

Happy Reflection! Happy Creating! 🙂

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