Cultural Fabric: Class Building Activity

Being of Hispanic Heritage, and being an ELL (English Language Learner) Specialist, I look forward to National Hispanic Heritage Month! This September 15th-October 15th time, is a time of honoring the influential Hispanics in our nation’s history, across the globe, and within our own lives.

For my own school, team, and classroom, I wanted to create an activity that not only honors the Hispanics in our school (for which there is a high percentage), but also the cultural background that is in all of us. Something individual, but yet something that helps to bind us all.

As I thought and thought, my mind kept going back to the idea of a quilt and the multiple threads that are used to create a beautiful masterpiece. The idea of how we each have our own Cultural Fabric was a powerful image for me. I created a possible quilt square that individuals could reflect on and complete, to be later placed side-by-side for a classroom quilt, team quilt, or even a school quilt. The PDF of what I created and my own individual square are below:

You can access the FREE PDF HERE to see the details a bit better. 😍

Notice that one of my suggestions is to get more science involved. 😃 I thought that would also be fun twist.

Want to see a picture of multiple student created ones together in a Cultural Fabric quilt??? Me, too! I presented this idea to my principal, and he had me present it to the leadership team. To my happy surprise…they loved it, and want to devote a week to it, to take the time to have the needed discussions and connections. We will be sharing it with our Advisory classes early in October, as we had other amazing events already on the calendar. This also allows teams to decide to go with my 16 prompts, use some of my suggestions, or create some of their own. In addition, I did share with the team my why, and about National Hispanic Heritage Month. It is also part of the plan to share this event with our classes, as part of the discussion.

I cannot wait for these conversations and end quilt result. I do know that they decided to go with larger squares than I suggested: 8 1/2 x 8 1/2, to be able to use the paper better, printing the “key” on the unused portion as a student reference…great thinking! 👊

I will post pictures of our end result in October. I hope you get the chance to share this idea with your team.

Additionally, check out my additional Facebook Page, Science Sites for Education today, and next week for links to sites that provide you with information about impactful Hispanic scientists.

Happy Reflecting, Discussing, and Creating!

❤️ Kalynda

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