“On Earth” by G. Brian Karas

This past summer I posted about the amazing children’s books I found about all things space, when I visited the McCall Public Library. For the next few weeks, I hope to share with you some of those treasures. “On Earth” by G. Brian Karas is one of those treasures.

With its broad sweeping art, this book appeals to preK-2, however its contents reach far beyond, to that of 3rd-5th (and even to some of my 8th graders who struggle with the sun, moon, earth standards and need some supporting background knowledge). While it doesn’t have the full features to support 5-ESS1-2 Earth’s Place in the Universe, it can start a discussion toward that standard, help you assess background knowledge, identify any misconceptions, and be a book of choice that you add to your display of content area books.

Starting with a beautiful sunny day, arms open wide to feel the wind glide across the valley, it starts: “On earth we go for a giant ride in space, spinning like a merry-go-round.” When you turn the page, you turn towards understanding the why. As you continue, you notice this repeating pattern of everyday aspect of life on earth (sun warming our face, to shadows), to a few pages explaining the why…the “what’s happening” to cause this, for its target reading audience.

I love the personal aspect G. Brian Karas threads throughout this informative story.

It helps students relate to a daily occurrence, for us all, and sets them up to wonder and question to learn more about our miraculous days “On Earth”.

–Happy Reading and Wondering! ❤️Kalynda

2 Comments on ““On Earth” by G. Brian Karas

  1. Loved this book. But I am from Argentina and I cannot buy it here. Is it possible you send me more pictures, please? Amazing site!


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