Happy Picture Book Month!

Picture of a bulletin board, featuring different picture books each day.

How do you plan on celebrating this AMAZING month?

The picture above is one of the ways that I celebrated last year, when I worked at an elementary school. I transformed one of the hallway bulletin boards into one that highlights some of my all-time favorite picture books.

You can read a bit about some of the ways I celebrated this month, from last year’s National Picture Book Month post, by clicking HERE.

I am still processing through how I plan on celebrating this year, now that I am at the middle school (so more news to come about that)…BUT…one of my website goals, it is share about a different science-themed picture book, at least every workday.

So…let’s get started!

Photo from Amazon. Visit Amazon to read more and order this amazing book!

If you are anything like me, then you watched “Hidden Figures“, and read (and bought) all the connecting books, like:

“Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13” by Helaine Becker (illustrated by Dow Phumiruk), focuses on a different part of Katherine’s epic career–when, on April 11, 1970, the 3rd day of Apollo 13’s voyage, an explosion crippled the spaceship, followed by that famous line:

“Houston, we have a problem” by Jim Lovell

Katherine worked hard and fast on her calculations, and to communicate them to the team, to safely get the astronauts home. Her knowledge, problem-solving skills, focus, drive, communication, and so many additional skills and talents provide us with a multitude of life lessons, including inspiration.

Please consider adding this to your classroom (or school) library, for not only the science in the story, but the scientist story.

And before I go, a couple resources:

The movie Apollo 13 (one of my favorite movies!)

Katherine Johnson Documentary by Olivia Meyer a student completing her National History Day project.

Happy Reading and Happy Picture Book Month!


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