“The Sun is Kind of a BIG DEAL”

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And it is!

This book makes me smile! The illustrations are inviting and the title is not only fun, but so accurate. I love the personification (great ELA connection!) that Nick Seluk used as the foundation of this fact-based informative picture book about the planets, seasons, and all the important jobs/needs the sun provides us.

There are so many different reasons to read this book to your class and to add it to your classroom library:

ELA Connections: personification, dialogue, speech bubbles, story boards, writing to a specific audience, informative writing, etc.

Science Connections: Earth, sun, moon; seasons, day/night, needs of living things, etc.

One of the recent lessons this book reminded me of, was one of the culminating projects we asked our 8th grade students to complete to show their knowledge of the earth, sun, moon concepts…to complete a comic.

Here are some of their results:

I was really impressed with their creative thinking and their ability to display their knowledge toward a target audience and through a specific format. Future picture book authors! 🙂

Enjoy checking out “The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal” and finding unique connections to your class. Also, be sure to check out the other amazing titles by Nick Seluk!

Happy Reading!


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