Native American History and Experience

Today I want to share another book resource with you…Brightly. Brightly’s mission is to help all of us raise (or teach) kids who love to read. Isn’t that wonderful!

One of the many book lists and shares that they have is one that highlights Native American history and experience, an excellent resource all year, and especially during this month, which is not only National Picture Book Month, National STEM/STEAM Month, but also Native American Heritage Month.

The link/resource that I am providing you today takes you to their list of preK-young adult reads:

See this link for the full list.

Among their list of books, one that I especially want to highlight is:

See this link to purchase through Amazon

This is not only a powerful history connection for your students, but one that lets you explore a powerful discussion and a series of explorations around codes.

Please see my past post about some of the activities I have done with my 2nd grade class.

Additionally, I found a picture book that features a similar story. Granted I haven’t had the chance to read it, but has received high reviews.

See this link to purchase on Amazon

Happy Reading!


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