January 2nd: National Sci-Fi Day

Hello Community! Happy 2021!

I hope you are enjoying a good book these days! I have a few downloaded on my Kindle app, including The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, a best-selling novel geared for middle-grade readers, but loved by all ages.

The Wild Robot by [Peter Brown]

I originally heard about this class favorite from my colleague and friend, Amy, who used it as a class read in her 5th grade class last year, and is also reading with her current 3rd grade class. She couldn’t stop raving about it, so I instantly bought it, but hadn’t gotten around to reading it. Now I hear there is a 2nd book out

The Wild Robot Escapes by [Peter Brown]

I need to get to reading! What better day to get started than today, January 2nd, Science Fiction Day. A day that is connected to the birthday of famous science fiction author Isaac Asimov. (click HERE to read 15 Fascinating Facts about Isaac Asimov by Suzanne Raga at Mental Floss)

As for past science fiction books I have already read and enjoyed, take a look at these titles:

Space Case (Moon Base Alpha Book 1) by [Stuart Gibbs]
A book that combines living on the moon and a murder mystery!
The Fourteenth Goldfish by [Jennifer L. Holm]
Such a fun book with many layers, including a special relationship between granddaughter and grandfather.

Also…Checkout my blog post about The Fourteenth Goldfish HERE, as it was a past Featured Book!

Oh No!
Delightful Book!

And so many more!

A couple of things I realized during the writing of this post…ONE: Many of the above books now have sequels! TWO: During my search for popular titles, I found so many of my next reads! Like these two…

Click HERE to learn more about this book on Amazon.
Click HERE to learn more about this book on Amazon

I hope reading this post does the same for you…grow your reading list!

Happy National Science Fiction Day and Happy Reading!


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