“Best in Snow” –April Pulley Sayre

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Without looking at a calendar, how do you know winter is approaching

  • The clouds? 
  • The chill? 
  • The movement of the animals? 
  • The stillness? 

Without the sights, sounds, and smells of the season, what would tell you winter is coming? 

How do you know and feel winter is approaching? 

What are your experiences? 

What are your student’s experiences? 

To add to the collective knowledge within your home or classroom, author April Pulley Sayre, bring us “Best in Snow”

Amazon.com: Best in Snow (Weather Walks): 9781481459167: Sayre, April  Pulley, Sayre, April Pulley: Books

Using real photographs, April Pulley Sayre poetically guides us into winter. 

The author’s intentional use and placement of text gives space for the reader(s) to connect and to wonder

I love this most of all!

Growing up in Idaho, I had memory connections page after page. My heart was absolutely delighted. I wanted to both pause and turn the page, eager to see what aspect of nature was beautifully photographed next, and yet stay forever in the current scene. 

Oh and the “Sun Shines” two-page spread…LOVE!

What a treasure! 

Big thank you to the author! 

–Happy Reading & Happy Connecting YOUR story to the snow story in “Best in Snow” 

Possible Home or Classroom Connections

  • “I know it’s winter when…” board or writing prompt
  • Wintery Words: compiled first from the students and then adding to their list the words from “Best in Snow”, and then adding more as you continue reading and exploring
  • “I know it’s winter when…” Venn Diagram if you experience a different type of winter than what is shared in “Best in Snow” 
  • Digital (or physical) photos either connected to different phases of winter, specific vocabulary words, or specific scientific processes
  • Dive deeper into the scientific story of snow. 
    • Note: I have found most meteorologists are quick to reply to scientific inquiries. Reach out to them. Learn more about snow’s story. 

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  1. So happy to see you posting again. I love this latest post and clearly need to check out this book!
    Torrey 🙂

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