March Calendar of Days and International Women’s Day

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Happy March 2022!

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As I write this, I am in beautiful Logan, Utah. ❤️

Even though we just had a few days in the 50s, it snowed ❄️last night, reminding us it is still winter. The cycle of wintery weather reminds of me of April Pulley Sayre’s book, “Best in Snow”.

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March can be such an unpredictable month, especially in terms of weather ⛈️(speaking as a person who was raised in the Northwest). It is around this time I anxiously await spring. February in Southwest Idaho can be so cold, dark, and snowy (although this year it has been brighter and calmer).

As I await spring, I take enjoyment in all the celebrations that are in March. 👏🏽

I find these celebration of days a fun resource for the classroom, the home, and really any work environment.

Sometimes they act as a reminder. Sometimes they act as a way to honor. Sometimes they act as an invitation to create. Sometimes they act as an invitation to get together. Sometimes they act as a reminder to pause and reflect. Sometimes they are all the above.

March 2022 Calendar of Days

I created the above downloadable Calendar of Days for March 2022, as the first of many, I hope, and I plan to highlight books to read and share along the way. 📚

For the approaching week, we have:

As you prepare, be sure to checkout my post from a few years ago about International Women’s Day, where I give a shoutout to additional women featured in picture books, as well as my amazing mom! ❤️

Happy Reading! 📖


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