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How to…

As I was looking through the latest Scholastic book order, with my first graders, I noticed a book called, “How to Catch an Elf”, which was high on their list of wanted books. Later, at Costco, I saw “How to Catch Santa” out on… Continue Reading “How to…”

Interactive Bulletin Board

This past weekend, I updated the bulletin board outside my office, to create this interactive bulletin board: I thought it would be a good way to get teachers and students interested in this amazing book, while trying to think outside the box. I wanted… Continue Reading “Interactive Bulletin Board”

Featured Book: “Float”

Book Summary: “A boy. A boat. A rainy day. An adventure.” A wordless book that caused me to smile from start to finish. My mind quickly recalled my own newspaper creations, both while engineering on my own and as apprentice to my in-home expert,… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Float””

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