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An Indoor Hike? Part 2

Last week I shared about the efforts my co-teaching partner and I took to create an indoor hike experience for our kindergarten students, with my post, An Indoor Hike?  The goal for the following day was to use the eggs as a word box… Continue Reading “An Indoor Hike? Part 2”

Snowflake Design Challenge: The Results Are In

A few weeks ago, I posted my latest bulletin board: Snowflake Design Challenge. It may be difficult to see, but to the left of the board, I placed star stickers and had people use the stars to select which snowflake lasted 3.12 seconds in… Continue Reading “Snowflake Design Challenge: The Results Are In”

An Indoor Hike?

This week in kindergarten our theme is hiking and the things you would see on a hike. 🙂 To set the mood, our principal donated this amazing tent: My co-teaching partner gathered up a bunch of camping, hiking, and nature books and put them… Continue Reading “An Indoor Hike?”

1st Grade Researchers!

In first grade we have been learning about astronauts and transportation. Witnessing the student excitement about these topics, my co-teacher and I decided to extend the unit with some choice to learn more about either transportation or space. Using a KWL chart, we gathered… Continue Reading “1st Grade Researchers!”

National: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

To celebrate “Tell a Fairy Tale” day, I am highlighting some new books that have crossed my path… When I saw these, I had one of those…”why didn’t I think of that” moments. Luckily, Jasmine Brooke did! 🙂 These books start off with non-fiction… Continue Reading “National: Tell a Fairy Tale Day”

Winter Olympics Kick Off!

In my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom we kicked-off the 2018 Winter Olympics with a Kahoot, to gauge background knowledge, and used maps and sites to show our students where the games are being played, how many athletes are from our state, and how many… Continue Reading “Winter Olympics Kick Off!”

Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board

A few weeks ago, I found this site on Pinterest: “Winter STEM Challenges-Snowflake STEM”. While I didn’t look into the full details of the concept (meaning, I didn’t buy it on Teachers Pay Teachers), the idea did get me thinking and wondering. 🙂 I… Continue Reading “Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board”

Sphero Devices Have Arrived!

Thanks to a school district grant, I was able to purchase 10 Sphero devices for our elementary school… …and I thought, what better way to debut them than with our 2nd grade communications unit! (See previous lesson posts: How About a KLW instead of… Continue Reading “Sphero Devices Have Arrived!”

Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone

Last week I shared a post titled How About a KLW instead of a KWL? There I shared how I used the Book Creator platform to create my own resource for the questions our kindergarteners still had about bears. Well, I loved that experience… Continue Reading “Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone”

Communication Stations

Last week in my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom, we have been exploring the question: What are all the different ways we communicate information? We started with a circle map, to hear all the different ways the students already knew, and within that process, my… Continue Reading “Communication Stations”