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Do You Know What Your Students Really Like to Read?

I thought I did, and as a co-teaching team, we thought we did, but recently my 1st grade co-teacher and I inquired more into what our 1st graders like to read. We did this as part of our kindness themed PBL, where students created… Continue Reading “Do You Know What Your Students Really Like to Read?”

Changing Seasons; Community Outreach Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared a lesson that I collaborated on with my 2nd grade co-teacher, Quincey Williamson (who is simply amazing!). It started with these two books: …and transformed into a student-driven series of lessons that focused on the changing season and… Continue Reading “Changing Seasons; Community Outreach Part 2”

Changing Seasons & Community Outreach

With the changing seasons, a 2nd grade teacher that I work with, decided combine the grade level PBL (Project Based Learning) theme, Kindness: How can we help others, with the needs of winter. Together we created a series of lessons that built off the… Continue Reading “Changing Seasons & Community Outreach”

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