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Featured Book: “Red and Lulu”

With its beautiful illustrations, Matt Tavares, tells the tale of Red and Lulu, two cardinals whose happy home is in a beautiful evergreen in the front yard of a little house…but not for long. While Red searches for food, the tree is cut down… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Red and Lulu””

Tuesday Morning Reads for December 12, 2017

During my latest trip to the “new books” section of the library, I came across these books. 🙂 Sun and Moon, Folk Tales by Various Artists: As a paper crafter, I loved the texture of the pages and the beautiful artwork displayed in this book.… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for December 12, 2017”

Featured Book: “Rhoda’s Rock Hunt”

Rhoda’s love for rocks tapped into my own childhood memories of searching for rocks around my yard, within “the dirts”–our neighborhood bike escape, along the adventures I would take with my dad, and the special bag of polish rocks that my mom would delight… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Rhoda’s Rock Hunt””

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