It’s Been Awhile…

Hello Everyone!

It has definitely been awhile since I last updated, posted, researched, and the list goes on, even into many other aspects of my life, as I have worked to navigate the waters that are 2020.

I hope you are all well and navigating the waves the best that you can, because, truly, that exactly what we ought to do…the best we can and knowing that “the best we can” looks very different every day, sometimes every second of the day.


I remember at the start of 2020, I had my middle school students do some reflection and goal setting for 2020, and I did the work alongside them. We completed one of those “What’s My Word” activities (like you see below…our was from “The Think Builder”).

My word was “Transition”. Really.

I had no idea the layers, nor the duration, that that word was going to take on in my life, and in all our lives.

So what was my reason for selecting it? What 2020 transitions did I see for myself?

For one, I knew I was going to resign from my current teaching position as a middle school Science & ELL Co-Teacher. My last four school years as a co-teacher had its opportunities and its joy, but it also had its struggles. The big one was that I didn’t feel it was the role for me. I thought about pursuing my love of having my own classroom, especially at the elementary level, but I hesitated. What I needed was a pause from the traditional, and I craved an exploration of the “what if…” of life. I plan to write more about those “what if…” prompts in the next coming weeks, but I will summarize and say…

Currently I am living in Mexico.

I decided to PBL (Project Based Learning) my own life and pursue some passion projects, of which, international travel was among them. Not the vaca type of travel, but the grounded, connection to community, daily living type of travel. Additionally, I wanted to pursue my love of picture books and science more, dive into this site and share even more with all of you!

But then, as you know…Covid-19 happened.

However I still went forward with my plans and am so glad I did. I have absolutely loved it here. I have been here for a little more than five weeks and plan to stay for a total of two months.

So, why the delayed TLC for this site?

Well, for one, there was exploration of the city, the stores, and truly saying “buen día” to every one I have met.

And, two…you know when you have someone you respect and adore ask you for a favor? Well, that happened, even before I left in early September. A 3rd grade teacher at one of our local elementary schools had her baby early and a message appeared from the principal asking me if I would fill in as the long-term sub.

Not fully knowing how that would work out with my departure date, and so much unknown (aka the daily lives of us all), I say “yes”, and we did, indeed work it out. During “red” (online only) and even during “yellow” (hybrid). Then, after 8-weeks of connecting and teaching those awesome 3rd graders, I had to say goodbye for now.

Now, I am here. Grateful, still navigating the changing waters, and turning my mind and heart to my passion projects.

Thanks for sticking with me, visiting the site, and sharing it with others. I appreciate it! The site may change over the next couple of weeks, but what won’t change is my love of sharing science stories, those we live and those we read, with all of you!

Sending my very best to each of you!


Got an Upcoming Amazon Purchase?

Hello and Thank You! 

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Thank You! 🙏

Happy International Women’s Day

Me & My Awesome Mom

Before I share all the amazing science themed picture books you could read this week to celebrate International Women’s Day, I want to start this post with a shoutout to my amazing mom! This is a picture of us February 2019, a night when she was honored as the co-founder of IABE (Idaho Association for Bilingual Education). They were celebrating 40 Years of IABE, and she was among other IABE leaders on a panel for kickoff night. While this alone is impressive, her whole life she has been a leader, role model, rock, and advocate for me, and thousands, in her role as an educator and community member. Love you mom! ❤️

And, like many of the leaders in the picture books I highlight below, she was a scientist in the way that she was a problem solver, and used questions, observations, and data to help her solve problems. 🙌

Sound similar to the role models in your life?

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful science practices project for your classroom? A project where students reflect on the role models in their life and how they engage in the science practices! That could be a big endeavor, so maybe narrow it down to ONE practice at a time, like ASKING QUESTIONS and DEFINING PROBLEMS. It could be a multimodal project that helps them connect to the scientists around them and in them! ❤️

Gosh, I can’t help but also see a future bulletin board display! 😍

(Want to learn more about multimodality in the classroom? Check out this post by Solid Professor)

Now for those picture books! 😃

Here are a few of my favorite…

Purchase on Amazon HERE
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Purchase on Amazon HERE

And here are a few on my TO READ list:

Purchase on Amazon HERE
Purchase on Amazon HERE
Purchase on Amazon HERE

And…don’t forget to checkout my SCIENCE TOPIC BOOK LIST tab, for a link to more science themed books, like my growing list of books on SCIENCE CAREERS!

Happy Reading and Happy Celebrating the International Women Scientists in your life! ❤️


Science Sites for Education: March 7, 2020 Highlights

Hello! Happy Saturday!

Check out this PDF for my latest compilation of Science Sites for Education posts!

Happy Resources! Happy Classroom!


Women Supporting Women 👊🏽

Today I had the joy of presenting at a local elementary for their International Women’s Day celebration. This invite was extended and accepted by 17 women in our community, to showcase their expertise, creativity, and leadership (and science). 😊

I went to showcase my new, small, and growing business, KPQ Creations, a business I run with my mom and sister, where we use our creativity to make items with fabric and paper. (Below is a picture from a recent craft event)

This International Women’s Day event was created and organized by Quincey Rowe, a leader and role model inside and outside the classroom.

Students, K-5, were able to visit our booths, learn, ask questions, and interact with us. This was organized around the gym, and students were given 1/2 sheets that had a grid of options to explore. I was unable to leave my booth to play and learn, but a friend captured the explorations on my phone. 🙏

I hope to be able to participate next year. Perhaps I will share what it is like to run a website, and encourage students to explore and share their passions. ❤️ I also cannot wait to see this event grow, not only locally, but across schools.

Inspired? I hope so. You can start today for next year’s event. 😀

Thanks Quincey, for the opportunity and the inspiration! ❤️

Happy International Women’s Day!


To learn more about my small business KPQ Creations and our inventory, see our public Facebook album page, by clicking HERE. I hope to bring this business to new levels this year (maybe even Etsy, so stay tuned).

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