Science Topic Book List

Below is a picture of the book list, but to access the full list, please click HERE.

Science Topic Book List

Topics that you will find in the list include:

  • Animals
  • Board Books
  • Careers
  • Classification
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Exploration
  • Folklore
  • Forces & Motion
  • Geology
  • Human Body
  • Imagination
  • Insects
  • Inventions
  • Math
  • Medicine
  • Observation
  • Oceans
  • Plants
  • Robots
  • Science Process
  • Space
  • Tools
  • Weather & Climate

Many categories also have subcategories! 🙂 (*Please note: even though biographical picture books are not “fictional” they are a feature of this list.)

A few weeks, I displayed some science-themed fictional stories in our lounge and created a corresponding hallway display on a bulletin board:

IMG_1693  IMG_1685

Next to the book display, I created a handout for my teachers that had all the books listed, a summary, and some possible science connections. You can access the PDF by clicking HERE.

Even more recently, I was able to purchase more books for our school, and I did another book display in the lounge.

Like before, I created a handout for the teachers that had all of the books listed, along with a summary and possible science connections. You can access that PDF by clicking HERE. 🙂

To support teacher and student interest in the books–and to keep the up the awareness about the books, I created an interactive bulletin board featuring one of the stories, “The Most Magnificent Thing”. I am thrilled to report it was a huge success! Take a look at the pictures. Note: I put post-it notes on white construction squares and up in the left-hand corner I added a pen and directions that said: Place the predictions on the post-its. I also added one prediction, to help clarify.

And just this morning I got my next interactive bulletin board idea! 🙂

For more about what I am reading, please feel free to check out my reads and ratings on Goodreads. See the link on the right side bar.




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