Month: November 2017

Tuesday Morning Reads for November 28th

During my latest trip to the library, I came across these picture books, in the “new books” section: Thirsty, Thirsty, Elephants by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Fabricio VandenBroeck: I loved this book! My heart was aching for the elephant family as they search the area… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for November 28th”

Update Science Topic Book List

I have updated my Science Topic Book List! 🙂 You can access it by either selecting that page heading, found at the top of this site, or by clicking HERE. Once there you will see an image of what it looks like and below… Continue Reading “Update Science Topic Book List”

Tuesday Morning Reads for November 21st

Don’t you just love the public library? I do! I love them all–historic ones, new ones, and cozy ones. I love what they stand for and how they are often the heart of the city. Our city recently build a new library, and they… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for November 21st”

Changing Seasons & Community Outreach

With the changing seasons, a 2nd grade teacher that I work with, decided combine the grade level PBL (Project Based Learning) theme, Kindness: How can we help others, with the needs of winter. Together we created a series of lessons that built off the… Continue Reading “Changing Seasons & Community Outreach”

Books on Display!

This past Monday I displayed a series of science-themed picture books in the teacher’s lounge! 🙂 It was an exciting day, as teachers got to look through the books, make notes on the handout, and read through the science connections that I listed on… Continue Reading “Books on Display!”