Month: August 2019

She Series Posters, Other Resources, and an Idea

If you haven’t checked out the “A Mighty Girl” Facebook page ( or their website ( then please add it to your check-them-out list. 🙂 Recently I saw a Facebook post from them about the “She Series” posters and other resources. Here is a… Continue Reading “She Series Posters, Other Resources, and an Idea”

“Local Favorites”

During my visit to the McCall Public Library (McCall, Idaho Public Library) I was delighted to see the opportunity they provided their visitors, with a chance to highlight their favorite book. When I commented how much I loved that idea, the librarian told me… Continue Reading ““Local Favorites””

McCall, Idaho Public Library

On a quick getaway before the 2019-2020 school year starts, I visited the McCall, Idaho Public Library. This mountain gem has a inviting selection of children’s books! When visiting a library, I first love to see which books are highlighted. But highlighted, I mean,… Continue Reading “McCall, Idaho Public Library”

Birthday Happiness

Today is my birthday 🎂, and I am starting the day posting about one of my favorite things: picture books! 😀❤️ As you get ready to start another year, I highly recommend you purchase this set of Kobi Yamada books! They are at the… Continue Reading “Birthday Happiness”